All Snooze features out of the box

Everything you need to manage your recurring tasks



Gain 360° visibility instantly with a customizable dashboard.

Customizable indicators

Set indicators to supervize pending tasks. Be alerted in case of overdue or forgotten tasks.

Drag & Drop

Organize your indicators by drag and drop.

Contrast & Colors

Highlight important indicators by contrast. Set the thresholds by colors.

Block expand

Arrange the dashboard with blocks of different sizes.


Be informed on the portal or on the mobile app. Set your alert policy in your preferences.


Automatic injections

Tasks are automatically injected in the pending queue by the scheduler according to the templates.

Pending queue

The pending queue empowers the teams to immediately see what they need to do, which tasks have priority and when the work has to be delivered.

Punctual tasks

Punctual tasks can be manually added in the pending queue with or without template.


Assign tasks to a team or a specific user in the template or after injection in the pending queue.

Handle subtasks

Split tasks into subtasks to specify each action of the process.


Complete tasks and subtasks after processing them.


Users can fill in the task's workload when they complete it. It is possible to force users to fill in the workload. You can indicate the "theoretical workload" of a task in the template.

Process status

Enter the task execution status and add comments about the execution.


Customizable templates

Schedule recurring tasks via templates, describe the procedure, the priority, the team to be assigned and specify the execution frequency.

Flexible frequencies

Every 15 minutes, every 3 hours, every Tuesday at 10h30, the first Monday of each month , once a year, etc. All these schedule options and more are available.

Schedule view

Get an overview of all scheduled tasks from the templates. Export this view in excel format.

Rich content

Describe your procedures using articles with rich and easily editable content. Link your tasks with external documents.


Set the priority level of tasks and templates. 3 levels are available: Minor, Medium, Major.



Organize and group your tasks by categories. Each category can be linked to one or several channels.


Organize and group your tasks by channels. A channel can be an organization, a client, etc. Each channel can be managed by one or several teams.

Teams & Users

Organize and group your users by teams. Teams can be linked to tasks, templates and channels.

Role management

Manage users' rights according to their role in the team: handle tasks, schedule tasks, manage teams, etc.

Time zones

It is possible to set a default time zone and manage different time zones by task and by user.

Mobile app

Tasks at your fingertipsTasks at your fingertips

Empower your teams to manage your recurring tasks wherever they are.


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